JUMILED Joint Stock Company was established in 2019. JUMILED initially specialized in consulting, designing and supplying products using LED technology specialized for Lighting and Interior decoration. Exterior, imported from Germany and Japan.

Since then, we have launched LED product lines with Vietnamese brand – JUMILED – to meet modern needs in Vietnam. We have step by step research, analysis and evaluation to master LED technology, offer optimal solutions when advising customers on LED applications.

JUMILED Joint Stock Company has formed the process of creating high-quality product lines, affirming sustainability, modernity and bringing maximum value to customers when using LED technology products. With the best components and finished products supplied from famous brands such as: Panasonic (Japan), Samsung (Korea), Bridgelux (USA), Epistar (Taiwan), Philips, Osrams … contributing to the value of JUMILED product quality in Vietnam market. JUMILED company always affirms the value and ability to achieve success based on a firm commitment to customers about honesty, cooperation and dedication.

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